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Do you know the difference between milk glass and white glass? I’ve been reading a lot about it. If you look up the difference between the two, white glass vs. milk glass, you get the actual reasons as to why they’re different or at least what makes milk glass, milk glass. The only thing I think I get, is the fact certain companies from days past were known for their milk glass. Here are the various websites I visited to find out information.

I also know it just takes experience and learning more and more about things as you go along. Until then, I usually put a question mark in the title of my listing…milk? glass. Actually, anything I’m not sure of I’ll put a question mark after it. Really though, if I like something and it fits in with my non-existent style, I’ll display it. Doesn’t matter the details most times. It sometimes doesn’t even matter the condition.

Take this little statue for example. I grew up with it in my home and I’ve always loved it. It lost its head and hand at one point and my parents just glued it back on. I’m so incredibly happy they “fixed” it, kept it, and recently gave it to me. Cracks and all.

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Here’s what’s in store….for now

SOLD – White Milk? Glass Crown Creative Nightstand Lamp

  • Creative Crown
  • White glass
  • Has a turn key
    • Turns on/off at half turns instead of full turns (needs rewiring)
  • White hobnail style “bumps” around the bottom
  • 3 small feet on the underside
  • No chips or cracks
  • Great lamp project piece

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 3 5/128” chimney holder (closest to 3 1/16″)
  • 5” tall


  • Even though it works. It should probably be rewired.
  • Chimney holder is tarnished
  • Very dusty inside the holder
  • Will not come with bulb
  • No shade
Crown Creative bedside or nightstand lamp

SOLD – 1968 John C. Virden Light Fixture

A beautiful vintage 1960s John C. Virden white milk glass shade and brass ring ceiling fixture. It’s in wonderful condition. Only minor scratching and tarnishing. The wiring, while working, should be rewired.

I found what appears to be this exact fixture in an old Virden Catalogue from 1968.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 12 1/2″ tall
  • 9″ at widest
  • Weighs 1 lb. 11.2 oz. alone
1960s John C. Virden ceiling fixture.

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SOLD – White Glass Semi Flat Reflector Shade

An antique/vintage white glass replacement reflector lamp shade. Around the fitter it is dirty/stained with small chipping.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 4 1/2” tall
  • 2 29/128″ fitter
  • 9 1/2” diameter
  • 56.53 mm fitter
  • Weighs 1lb. 6.2 oz.
White semi flush reflector shade

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Westmoreland White Milk Glass Grape Panel Vase

A gorgeous, clean, crisp white milk glass Westmoreland paneled grape vase. It’s fluted with scalloped edges across the top. It has the Westmoreland mark on the bottom. No chips or cracks.

Measures approximately:

  • 9 1/8″ tall
  • 5″ top diameter
  • Weights 2lbs. 13.6 oz. alone
Vintage Westmoreland grape paneled vase

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