Brascolite, An Antique Replacement Light Shade

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I came across this old, heavy light shade at an antique store we went to a few weekends ago. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive to a city we’d never been to before. We made it a day of shopping for us and for business.

One of the many things I love about reselling is doing research on items. What’s even better is actually finding information on something. The absolute best thing to happen is finding your EXACT treasure in an old advertisement or catalog.

This shade was absolutely unknown to me and let me tell you…I found loads of information on it.

This is when my heart skips a beat. I thought I’d found the exact Brascolite shade in this catalog but, looking closer it is slightly different in design. The one picture below has a Greek meander styled rim towards the top. The one I have is more square and simple. Sure is close though.

With the image below…do you see how the “L” and the “M” are upside down? I’m not making that up right? It’s definitely supposed to say LUMINOUS.

Ebay & Etsy

Here are some different links I found pertaining to Brascolite.

I couldn’t believe when I came across this forum post from 10 years ago. Apparently Guth made numerous versions of fans mixed with lighting. It’s one of those things where it isn’t my style but, I do adore the look. Too cool not to appreciate the creativity. Now, should I ever come across something like this in the wild, I might faint.

Guth Deco Slip shades.JPG

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