How Do You Hang a 3 Hole Glass Lamp Shade?

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I’ve gotten this question a lot from buyers when they see a 3 hole glass lamp shade I have in my store. How on earth do you hang a 3 hole glass shade? If you’ve never seen one before, it might be confusing as to how to actually display it. Here’s a customer question I received asking this very question.

CUSTOMER: I really like this light, but I don’t know how to mount it. How would I find out what kind of mount this needs? Would you know what kind of mount it needs? Thank you

ME: Hi, it hangs from the ceiling but, in order to do that you’d need a kit similar to this

Definitely read the description they have. It’s for the bead chain fixture hardware set only. Hope that helps!

I love helping my customers. Even if I don’t have an answer, I do all I can to help. This was the awesome feedback along with the glass shade they bought. I appreciate the feedback so much.

  • Super fast shipping, seller was very helpful. I really love this piece, and it was securely packaged for shipping. Thank you

So, how do you hang a 3 hole glass shade?

Well, outside of knowing how to handle the wiring, the actual hardware needed to hang a 3 hole glass shade is simply this…

or this

Here’s an example of what a 3 hole shade looks like when installed and hanging.

A couple of things to keep in mind is, the length of the chains needed, is there a weight limit for the hardware set, how large are the holes so the chain finial won’t just slip through, and what type of finish for the mount and chains.

As of right now, I have the following 3 hole glass shades in store. If you have any questions once viewing them, feel free to message me within the platform of your choosing.

Antique 1914 Brascolite 3 Hole Diffuser Reflector Shade image 1

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Vintage Large 3 Hole Ceiling Fixture Glass Shade Sunflower image 1

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Art Deco 3 Hole Ceiling Light Lamp Glass Shade 11 Wide image 1

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Vintage Hanging 3 Hole Glass Shade Peach Apricot Colored image 1

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Pair Art Deco 3 Hole Glass Ceiling Fixture Shades Starburst image 1

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