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All That Swag…Lamps, That Is

Swag lamps are one thing I can say has my heart. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they’re not permanent and if you change the decor of your home you can do so easily or if it’s all the shape they can add to a wall or corner of a room.

I almost always buy a swag lamp if I see one however, I only own 1 personally. It’s a colorful glass mosaic swag lamp and, to me, is gorgeous. I have no idea if it’s old, new, or if someone made it. We did have to rewire it but, I don’t mind that kind of work at all. It’s simple and easy to do.

Moasic Swag Lamp

If you’re thinking, “I’d sure love to rewire a lamp but, I just don’t know how. I mean, I’m not an electrician!” Well, I’m not one either but, I found a wonderful free lighting class that goes into all the details you need to do a simple wiring up of a lamp.  I refer to it often when I’m rewiring a lamp.

Next time you see a lamp that could use updated wiring, you could use this course to help you along the way. It does require a sign up over at Instructables which is just an awesome website all around. Again, it’s free.

I know I said I own only 1 swag lamp but, this one has been hanging in the back room for months now. It’s been waiting for me to list it. I just don’t know when that’ll happen. I really like this one too. UPDATE: You betta believe it is listed now!

Macrame Pendant Hanging Swag Lamp

  • A macrame and wooden framed pendant hanging swag light, ceiling fixture.
  • The macrame is cream colored.
  • There are 2 cords going through the macrame “cord”:
    • 1 is the plug itself
    • The other is a piece of metal “rope” offering more strength when hanging.

Measurement are approximates only:

  • 15″ tall
  • 19-20″ at widest
  • Cord is 15+ feet in length (macrame “cord” falls just shy of the full length of the cord)


  • Due to age, use, and storage, it is dusty on the wooden parts as well as throughout the macrame.
  • There may be an odor.
  • Will not come with a bulb.
  • A bit of tarnishing on the finial pieces at the top.
Crocheted Swag Lamp - Retell Seller

Ebay & Etsy

This lamp below, sold on Etsy forever ago, this is definitely one of my faves. The shipping was nerve racking as is all fragile glass items I sell. Fingers & toes were crossed until it was safely delivered. Thankfully, the buyer left me amazing feedback which definitely put my mind at ease.

Vintage 70s Yellow Bubble Swag Lamp - Retell Seller

Here’s yet another double swag lamp I saw at a restaurant we went to on our anniversary. Not only is the food hella good but, the decor is too.

Electric blue colored bulbs in a double swag lamp.

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Let’s see a few more swag lamps I have.

SOLD – Double Swag Pendant Lamp Country or Farmhouse Style

A double swag lamp with mainly white glass shades and repeating floral designs in varying shades of blues and yellows. Believed to be from the 1970s. Abigail Quoizel comes to mind.

This is in beautiful shape with no chips or cracks. If hanging straight down from the ceiling it measures approximately 46″ long.

Double Swag Lamp Farmhouse Style Lighting - Retell Seller

SOLD – 1960s or 70s Vibrant Floral Swag Lamp

Here’s your chance to wire your own lamp. A large perfectly MOD hanging pendant lamp. The shade is a floral fabric with greens, yellows, & blues. The metal charm “tree” is painted a vibrant yellow. The socket has a metal pull string. A photo collage video including more photos can be found here.


  • There are only 9 Austrian charms included and there are 17 or so spots total for charms.
  • There is paint loss on the metal.
  • Some staining on the inside of the shade.
  • There is no wiring, chain, or bulb.
  • Dust has settled in certain parts of the metal.
  • The charm hanger sits slightly uneven.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • Shade Only
    • 14 1/4″ tall
    • 10″ diameter
  • Shade plus tree charm
    • 25″ tall
The most perfectly MOD fabric pendant lamp I've ever come across. The charms make it even more quirky. - Retell Seller

eBay & Etsy

SOLD – Double Pendant Swag Lamp Cylindrical Glass Shades

A Lincoln Lighting Products vintage Mid Century Modern dual hanging pendant lamp. 1960s? or 1970s? The glass shades are cylindrical with pressed? designs. Looks like it can be related to the one we saw in the restaurant.


  • May want to rewire.
  • Small cracks around top of glass where fitter goes.
  • Dusty & will need to be cleaned.
  • Slight tarnishing and spots of paint in various places.
  • The 2 sockets are different.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 6′-7′ long if hanging straight down
  • The glass shades are around 13″
Vintage 1970s Double Swag Pendant Lamp - Retell Seller

Swag lamps are my favorite type of lamp. It's either because they're not permanent or just because they add so much to a corner or wall of a room. - Retell Seller

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