An awesome vintage machine shop industrial light - Amplex brand

Industrial Lighting & Vintage String Art

What’s better than industrial style? What’s better than lighting? When they’re combined of course. My husband refurbished an old metal fan into this beautiful lamp. At one point I had another blog about DIY and I did a post on this particular lamp. We use it almost every day and we love it. A great addition to our dining room adding the perfect amount of light.

An old metal fan refurbished into a truly cool lamp.

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SOLD – Gooseneck Metal Lamp Base Only

A beautiful, small, heavy metal gooseneck lamp base only. Believed to be cast iron? This will need to be cleaned thoroughly and stripped of the paint (sandblasted?).

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 4” wide
  • 16” at tallest
  • 7” front to back/depth
  • Weighs 3lbs. 10.6 oz


  • Paint chipping (chips as you handle it)
  • Very dusty & dirty.
  • ON/OFF is written in marker by the switch.
  • No wiring at all
  • Rusty
Cast Iron Gooseneck Lamp Base Only

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Amplex Workshop Light

This listing is for 1 vintage Amplex industrial silver/gray colored aluminum light fixture. Here’s a short photo video collage. Most boxes state focalite but, noticed another box states fostoria. 

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 7” wide
  • 7” tall
  • 64” long 3 pronged cord
  • Weighs 1 lb. 6.2 oz.


  • There is no on/off switch.
  • Unsure of how it mounts or hangs.
  • 150W bulb comes with lamp, not sure how long it will last.
  • Wiring looks good but, not sure if should be rewired.
  • Lots of scratching/scuffing throughout.
  • Original box will be included mainly for added protection in shipping. The box is extremely beat up.
Vintage Amplex Focalite Machine Shop or Workshop Flood Light

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SOLD – Vintage 1970s Train String Art

  • A large vintage string art train made of miscellaneous pieces of recycled/reused metal parts like upholstery tacks or an old soda can tab.
  • Believed to be kits from the 60s or 70s.
  • Created on a piece of heavy MDF wrapped in a black felt material.
  • The nails are hammered into the felt.
  • The strings vary in color from coppers to golden colors.
  • It measures approx. 24″ x 16 1/8″.
  • This is not framed.
  • There are nicks in the felt.
  • The felt was originally black but, has faded over time to a kind of purple color. It’s more black where we think a frame used to be protecting the color.
  • It is dusty.
  • Minor loose spots both in the string and some of the smaller metal decor items although most are very taut.
Vintage 1970s string art made of tacks, soda tabs, copper, and golden colored string to make a beautiful locomotive.

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SOLD – Large Vintage Car String Art

  • A large vintage string art depiction of an early 1900s? car.
  • Believed these were string art kits from the 60s or 70s.
  • Created on a piece of heavy MDF wrapped in a black felt material which is slightly pilling.
  • The nails are hammered into the felt.
  • The strings vary in color.
  • Measures approx. 28 1/2″ x 17 7/8″.
  • Not framed.
  • The wood is a little bowed (last image).
  • There are some loose strings (image 9)
  • One of the wheels, made of a thin piece of wood, is missing the push pin that holds it to the frame (image 8).
  • The felt has staining almost like a glue residue (images 6 & 7).
  • Some nicks in the felt
  • It’s dusty.
  • The other wheel’s push pin is broken in half.
  • The bed of the truck’s wooden piece is loose.
Vintage string art depicting an antique car.

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Loving this vintage string art along with some great industrial lighting. It all has a slightly steampunk feel to them.

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