The wall decor in our house is a mix of mirrors (lots of mirrors), artwork by friends, photographs taken by me, etc. Like anything else, I don’t think I have a style. Not in decor, not in clothing, definitely not in hair. I just like what I like. If it’s vintage, unique, just plain cool, quirky, yet beautiful, I’ll most likely love it. Minus the hair and clothing. I’m pretty boring in that aspect.

The pictures of the man and woman walking dinosaurs were created by Michael Curry…before you click on his Instagram, I just want to warn you his imagery does have nudity. Just in case you care. If not, than enjoy his beautiful work.

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SOLD – Vintage Pfaltzgraff Village Wood Small Wall Shelf

A Pfaltzgraff Village Wood wall hanging with a single shelf. There are many indents/dings throughout as well as scratching. Hanging hardware not included.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 17″ tall
  • 14″ wide
  • 8″ out from wall
  • 7″ Shelf at its deepest (the middle)
  • 15″ Shelf at its widest (note tapers down smaller toward front)

Rose Oil Pastel? Wooden Framed Original Painting

An oil painting? of multiple roses. Painted on a thick piece of cardboard or hardboard? with a black background. The roses are various shades of pink and light pastels. The stems & leaves are green. There is a slight shine on the surface. The wooden frame is stained a dark brown. Here’s a short photo collage video. Not sure of the age.

Due to age, use, and/or storage, there’s staining, color loss, chips, scratching, dusty on the painting itself, the glass and frame. There may be an odor. The wire hanger is broken & will need to be replaced.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • Frame: 17 1/4″ x 13″
  • Picture: 11 x 14
An amateur vintage or maybe even antique painting of multiple roses. The wooden frame is just as gorgeous.

eBay & Etsy

SOLD – 2 Mid Century Round Floral Plasterware Wall Hangings

2 mid century floral plaster ware wall hangings. They’re round with raised or 3D styled flowers. The colors vary from beige, cream, gold, pink, and green and the flowers have a shine to them. Some staining, chips, and clumps of plaster within the design that’s also been painted over. Some dust may need to be wiped away.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 11″ diameter
2 round vintage plasterware wall hangings of potted flowers. Beautiful pastel colors with a shimmery vibe.

eBay & Etsy

SOLD – Amazing Vintage Wolf Latch Hook Wall Hanging

This is awesome. A vintage shag, tufted? latch hook “rug” or wall hanging of a gorgeous lone wolf with the moon shining behind one ear. The back has a brown binding sewn on. The binding, at both the top and bottom, is open and could be used for sliding a rod/dowel through for hanging purposes.

Very minor yellowing noticed on the brown binding. Some threads on the binding may be loose. Some of the yarn may be shedding. Due to age, use, or storage, there may be an odor.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • 40″ x 27″


  • Black
  • White
  • Browns
  • Grays
Vintage Gallery Wall Art For Sale. This one is a vintage latch hook wall hanging. Just look at the beautiful and mysterious wolf staring back at you.

In need of some vintage wall decor? If you like rose paintings, plasterware, wolves, or wooden shelves. Check out what I've got in store.

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