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Parts & Pieces for Lamp Makers & Other Creatives

Whether you’re refurbishing an old lamp or creating a lamp from scratch, or maybe you work in mixed media. Or maybe, just maybe you make one of kind pieces that make people go hmmm. Whatever it is you do, you need parts.

As you know, lamps are my thing. As you also know, we don’t make lamps like we used to and I’ve shown you how we turned this old vintage fan into a lamp.

While we haven’t completed any lamp refurbishing or lamp making projects recently, we do have a couple currently in parts. ONE DAY, we’ll get them done.

The next few table lamps were originally something else entirely until we got our hands on them. They were all sold on Etsy quite some time ago. Here’s another old metal fan turned lamp.

This little Moroccan styled lamp was actually a candle holder before we got our hands on it. I wrote about how we refurbished it over on my very old blog.

This was a ceiling fixture lamp we turned into a table lamp. Picture it upside down. Again, the old blog has more details.

In the end, if you’re refurbishing a lamp or making something completely new and different, you need parts. Lots of parts.

Let’s see what I’ve got…as of right now

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SOLD – Art Deco Ceiling Fixture

It might not look like much now (or does it?) but, once it’s in the right person’s hands it’ll be stunning. I just know it. While I can’t guarantee all the pieces necessary to make this whole again are present, the parts that are available will certainly come in handy.

  • This lamp is in parts.
  • Not sure if all parts necessary to rebuild are included.
  • Due to age, use, and/or storage it is very tarnished and dusty.
  • Unsure of the type of metal it is made of.
  • Only 2 sockets are in place while the 3rd is in parts.
  • 1 socket also has a crack (Look at the lower right socket)

SOLD – Brass Toned Westwood Task Lamp

  • Brass toned Westwood office task lamp lamp parts and pieces
  • Tarnished and scratches throughout.
  • The width of the bulb housing is 11″.
  • Not all parts necessary to make it whole again are included.
  • The base seems to be brass plated or painted as the inside is rough metal and it is very heavy.
  • It appears it’s a mix of metals.
  • Some are magnetic, others are not. 

SOLD – Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Heads

I know I’ve seen all kinds of crazy handmade lamps out there. When I purchased these years ago (shhhhhh, don’t judge), I had the intent of making them into a couple of lamps. I have so many creative endeavors I’d love to tackle but, I haven’t quite figured out a balance yet. Maybe I never will. Maybe I don’t even need to.

Measurements are approximates only:

  • Smaller piece
    • Width: 4 13/16″
    • Attachment Opening: 1 13/64″
    • Numbered: 8010-5
  • Larger Piece
    • Width: 12″
    • Attachment Opening: 1 1/4″
    • No model number


  • Scratches & stains

Ebay & Etsy

White Swirled Glass & Marble? Square Base

A white glass swirled lamp body & marble? square base.

Measurements are approximates only:

Body – White Swirl:

  • 9 1/2″ tall
  • Weighs 9.6 oz.

Flat Base:

  • 5″ x 5″ square
  • Weighs 2 lbs. 3.6 oz


  • Small chip on the smaller end of the white body
  • Small chip on one corner of the marble base & around the center hole

Ebay & Etsy

SOLD – Stiffel Floor Lamp Parts

  • A small lot of vintage Stiffel lamp parts & pieces. 
  • They were once part of a floor lamp. 
  • Each piece is tarnished and dusty. 
  • 1 screw is missing where a torchiere or diffuser shade would go.

Ebay & Etsy

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