Vintage Fleur O Ray 19" Long Chrome Vanity Bathroom Light Needs Repaired

Not Just A Lamp & Ladder

Pretty much everyone I know, knows I’m an online reseller. My husband recently forwarded me an email from an old friend of ours, I’ll call him Dave. We haven’t seen him in a long time. I cannot believe he remembered that I love old lamps and that I sold items online.

Not sure if Angela still does antique stuff. This lamp came off of an old bunkbed. Think it may be late 40s. She can have it if she wants.

So, I emailed him back letting him know how much I appreciated the thought and I would love the lamp. Now, it definitely shows it’s age. Looks to be a chrome vanity light fixture with a lot of tarnishing but, I always leave it for the buyer to do what they want.

I put that question out in one of my Instagram posts some time ago asking if you would rather purchase a lamp, my thought was for vintage lamps especially, that still needs rewired or would you rather have one already rewired and ready to go. I had 1 person who said to keep it as is and leave it to the buyer to decide and really, I couldn’t agree more.

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So, Dave and I ended up meeting at a local store and he pops the trunk and not only has the lamp but, a ladder too from the bunk bed. Just too nice. My first thought was to put it in my garden as a trellis.

So, that’s what I did. These are butternut squashes. All looks well as of right now.

And, here’s the ol’ vanity lamp fixture. It’s called a Fleur-O-Ray. I couldn’t find any concrete information as to when these were made but, I do picture it in an old 1940s or 1950s bathroom. I want this to find a home for someone who either likes the authentic aged look or someone who wants to refurbish this old lamp and make it something new.

I’m feeling very appreciative lately. Not that I don’t normally but, I’m really really feeling it right now. We’ve had some troubles where my husband was driving his truck when this happens. How DOES this even happen?!

Now the truck is in a friends shop being worked on. I’m glad my husband is OK and that our friend, who is busy with his own business, is helping us out.

Dave, who gave me the old vanity light and ladder, was actually friends with my younger brother who died 8 years ago. When we lost him, Dave sent me this picture. It was his favorite restaurant that ended up closing in our town so my brother surprised him by taking him to the closest one he could find. My brother was cool and I’m thankful for him too.

What’s your take on the question about if you’d rather purchase a vintage lamp that needs work or would you rather purchase a lamp that has already been refurbished?

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